Policies & Procedures

SOPs for Specimen Accrual

The Lowy Biorepository has Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place to ensure that specimens are handled and processed in a consistent manner within each Collection Protocol, while maintaining a high standard of specimen provenance:

Tissue handling & storage SOP               RNA extraction from tissue SOP

DNA extraction from tissue SOP             DNA extraction from blood SOP


Acknowledgement Policy

Any publication resulting from research performed on specimens obtained from the Lowy Biorepository is required to acknowledge the Lowy Biorepository within the 'Acknowledgement' or 'Materials/Methods' sections in the following manner:

Biospecimens and data used in this research were obtained from the Lowy Biorepository, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW Sydney Australia.


Terms & Conditions

Full information on the terms & conditions associated with a quotation for the use of the Lowy Biorepository facilities and services is provided in the Lowy Biorepository quotation terms & conditions.


Cost Recovery Schedule

A schedule of estimated costs for accessing biospecimens and associated data already collected and stored by the Lowy Biorepository is available in the Lowy Biorepository Cost Recovery Schedule.