Specimen collections

The Lowy Biorepository processes and store samples of tumour tissue, normal adjacent tissue, peripheral blood and saliva. Our specimen preparation techniques include:

  • DNA/RNA from RNALater-preserved tumour/normal adjacent tissue
  • Paraffin-embedded tumour tissue
  • Fresh/frozen tumour/normal adjacent tissue
  • DNA/RNA from peripheral blood/buccal swab.

We also collect detailed information on all specimens, including:

  • Participant demographic information (e.g. age, sex, vital status)
  • Initial diagnosis
  • Sample collection details (e.g. collection date, processing time)
  • Pathology and diagnosis details (e.g. histology, size of tumour, grade).

The Standard Operating Procedures for specimen preparation at the Lowy Biorepository can be viewed on our website here.

Samples currently available

Please contact the Biorepository Manager directly for specimen availability: biorepository@unsw.edu.au

We soon hope to provide researchers with a mechanism to view available tissues online.